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TIM S.A. Capital Group Reports

TIM S.A. Capital Group Reports


We designed the integrated report of the TIM Capital Group of the e-commerce industry which specializes in the wholesale distribution of electrical goods and tools.

After analyzing previous reports, we offered TIM Group its first dedicated online report with an interactive menu and table of contents. We adapted the publication format, as well as the font size, to digital standards.

We had the pleasure of using fantastic photos from employee sessions provided by the company, adding an illustrative twist. This is what we did in 2021.

Electrifying continuation

The first project was a breakthrough for our cooperation, bringing a lot of changes to the image reporting of the TIM Group. It worked out so well that… we have been filing for them ever since.

  • We submit 160-180 pages of report annually
  • We draw more than 100 illustrations and infographics
  • We insert icons in 180 – 190 places

2021, 2022, 2023...

In 2023 it’s time to change the illustration style, from now on we have isometrics!

Integrated reports for download on