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Cookies Policy

  1. The website gathers automatically only the information which the cookie files contain.
  2. The cookies are text files which are being stored in the final device of the website’s user. They allow to use the website. Above all they contain the name of the website of its origin, their unique number, time of storage in the final device.
  3. The operator of the website (name and address optionally) is the entity which stores the cookie files in the final device of its user and has got access to them.
  4. The operator of the website uses the cookies in the following purposes:
    • to adapt the content of the website to the individual preferences of the user, above all the files recognize their device to load the website according to the user’s preferences;
    • to prepare the statistical data which help to analyse the preferences and habits of the users, the analysis of the data is anonymous and helps to adapt the content and look of the website to the latest trends, the statistical data is also used to rate the popularity of the website;
    • to log in into the website;
    • to keep the user logged in on every website.
  5. The website uses two basic types of the cookie files – session and persistent ones. The session cookies are temporary and are stored till the website is left (by loading another website, logging out or closing the browser). The persistent cookies are stored in the final device of the user till they are erased by the user or by the time which is a result of their settings.
  6. The user can introduce changes in their browser’s settings any time to block the cookies or each time get the information about the cookies in their device. Other available options can be checked in the settings of the internet browser. Remember that the default settings of the majori-ty of the browsers accept the storage of cookies in the final device.
  7. The operator of the website informs that the changes in the settings of the internet browser of the user may limit the access to some of the functions of the website.
  8. The cookie files which the website uses (stored in the final device of the user) may be shared with its partners or cooperating advertisers.
  9. The information regarding the settings of the internet browser are available in its menu (help) or on the website of the producer.
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